Made in Sheffield

The Story Of Sheffield Carnival 2019 Costume Parade*

Out of the seven hills and valleys of sheaf rose the great City of Steel, beautiful but sometimes a little grimey! The citizens are decent folk, welcoming visitors from afar to this City of Sanctuary. But sometimes, bad things happen! Little monsters run havoc, creating mayhem and threatening destruction. But don’t be afraid, because at times when it seems all may be lost the Sheffield Defenders come to the rescue. This valiant group of Steel City Heroes, drawing power from all those great people and things that have gone before them, make sure all is well. So, you thought Marvel had the best superheroes? No, think again! Long before the Marvel Avengers, MADE IN SHEFFIELD the Sheffield Defenders paraded down the road creating joy with every step.


As Thor forges his way through those who attempt to wreak havoc on the city, with each wave of his hammer this Sheffield Defender strikes a blow for justice and unites all those who follow him. “Ow Do?” he bellows, to check if you’re all okay.

As they act in Unison in support of their leader, Thor’s Whartons dribble, and sometimes cycle, their way around their foes. These Whartons stick to their mission at all times, never thwarted as they help shape the future of the City of Steel. Raising their shields, they defend the city, ensuring no injustice can be scored against the inhabitants


With eyes to the future and pincers aloft, Vulcan, God of Fire and Sheffield Defender, forges change that regenerate the City of Steel. Bad guys dispatched, out of the flames of conflict Vulcan saunters forth, returning to his castle, from which he continues to watch over Sheffield.

With their powers of second sight these visionaries melt resistance. These Little Mesters and Mistresses inhabit the Gardens of Peace until they are called upon to defend the seven hills from those who mean the citizens (SIVilians) of Sheffield harm.


Meet Diversity, channeling the energies of the many powerful women who have gone before her (like Dorret Buckley Greaves, Panni Poh Yoke Loh, Adela Pankhurst, Annie Bindon Carter, Jessica Ennis-Hill and many, many others) this Sheffield Defender continues the fight to preserve the welcome offered by this City of Sanctuary. Intolerance and ignorance stand no chance as this Woman of Steel spreads happiness across the Steel City.

This formidable, yet welcoming, court of the Defenders’ Maiden use their powers of inclusion to render powerless those who would seek to exclude. Their smiles of welcome are their most powerful weapon – and they aren’t afraid to use it! Those smiles were refined in the crucible of hope, and when aimed at enemies those foes can’t do anything other than flash a smile in return. Do you think you can resist an Inclusion Squad smile?


In times of emergency Aunty Nancy peels herself off the wall where she usually resides to come to the rescue of the residents of Sheffield. The Queen of the Sheffield Defenders “Gripples” webs of steel, weaving up villains, and securing them in her web, so they can think about what they’ve done!


The Grippies surround their Queen, Aunt Nancy. They’re the advance party in all her endeavours, and her rear defence too. They’ve been attendants to their Defender Queen of Carnival since the time of the African Caribbean Fortnight of olde, always by her side, and are honoured to continue their duty. They chip along down de road, smiles beaming, weaving and winding as the soca rhythms take hold.

In times of emergency, this Sheffield Defender, will leave her static position in Kelham, and robotically dance towards those with ill intent in their hearts. Once she confronts the bad folk, she tilts forward and out pours waves of mesmerising steel pan music, interlaced with brass harmonies. The music echoes through the minds of trouble-makers, hypnotising them. Once enchanted, the enemies lose their desire to do wrong and break into dance – mixing calypso and clog styles in the most delightful way!

And the baddies…


Still annoyed at the destruction of their Tinsley Tower homes, the Boggarts masquerade through Sheffield delivering mischief wherever they go. In search of a new home, it’s rumoured they can be soothed by the algorithmic codes that are surging through the city. Wonder if that’s what they’re picking up with those antennae?


When they leave their Megatron lair, these naughty little Cutties run amok in the city. Eating all in their path, they have a particular fondness for jerk chicken and patties (and roti when it’s available) and are partial to a piece of parkin for dessert. Cutties travel in packs, dancing like dervishes and jab jab masquerade on hearing the music of the carnival parade. Quite cute really!

*  This story is fictional and used to celebrate just a tiny bit of the amazing history of the great City of Sheffield. We hope the links we chose do the history justice. You may have chosen different links. However, what it would be great for all of us to do, is to celebrate all things #MadeInSheffield whether indigenous or migrant. Sheffield Carnival plans to do just that with its 2019 costume parade. We hope you enjoy Sheffield Carnival and revisiting the history!

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