Kelham Island Museum’s Magical Makers Emporium

Kelham Island costumes

Sheffield Carnival celebrated Christmas at Kelham Island Museum’s Christmas Market the “Magical Makers Emporium” with over 120 market stalls and a magical journey through time on the first and second day of December 2018. Not only was a carnival crafts stall hosted by Sheffield Carnival, but new costumes were also created in keeping with Kelham Island and Sheffield’s history in the steel industry.

Kelham Island – Magical Makers Emporium

Many families joined the carnival crafts stall to make brilliant steam punk hats and goggles. Children were attracted by numerous colourful materials then and brought fantastic creativities and big smiles in the stall.

Kelham Island crafts stall

Sheffield Carnival also unveiled and showcased two new costumes to tie in with and start next year’s theme MADE IN SHEFFIELD, which created by fabulous artists Clare Jane Garrett and Karen Bolt with help from Hughbon Condor (from Leeds Carnival).

One of them is Bessemer Convertor created by the talented Clare Jane, which is auniquesteampunk cyborg inspired costume. This was created as a tribute to the huge Bessemer Converter that stands tall outside Kelham Island, it was used in the steel-making process which first took off in Sheffield and one of only three left in the world.

Bessemer Converter Costume created by Clare Jane Garrett

“Maiden Sheffield” is another gorgeous costume created by the ingenious Karen Bolt. This Victorian Steampunk inspired costume pays tribute to the Women of Steel, to commemorate their contribution to the city’s steel industry during World War I and World War II. When audiences look at the detail, they could see the names of some of the women of steel

Maiden Sheffield Costume created by Karen Bolt

The dancing was performed by the lovely dancers and costume wearers from Sarah Hobson Entertainment was very impressive.As the year 2019 arrives, it means another annual carnival in Sheffield is in preparation. So do not forget to join the family friendly inclusive event incorporating vibrant costumes, a street parade, and cultural activities this year with Sheffield Carnivaland meet Characters from Sheffield’s Steel Story!

Blog post written by: Haoran Liu

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'Due to the COVID19 outbreak and following the Government's guidelines we have cancelled the Sheffield Carnival event this year. We will be back in 2021 for an amazing celebration'