Sheffield Carnival 2019

The parade started at the grand entry gates on Granville Road and the crowds lined the route to watch and join in the procession.

Sheffield Carnival was another fantastic success held in Norfolk Heritage Park. Thousands of people came out to enjoy the day with peak attendance culminating for the ‘Made in Sheffield’ costume parade.

Captivating the City

Sheffield Carnival 2019

Parade troupes exhibited their costumes at the main stage and the Lord Mayor Tony Downing and his wife wore headpieces joining in with the carnival spirit.

The event included a variety of stalls, fayre rides and stage performances in music, dance and the new introduction of comedy. Audience participation activities such as belly dancing, bollywood dancing, spoken word workshops and bubbleology were available for the crowds to participate.

We thank everyone who made it a successful day and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Creative 2021 Dynamic

We Sheffield Carnival Would like to wish everyone A creative, dynamic and refreshing 2021 Filled with Hope, New Ideas and Countless possibilities.